Hire a Buyer Agent

Unless you’re an experienced real estate investor with up to date market data you should always have someone on your side when buying a home. When hiring a buyer agent, also known as a buyer representative, you want to be sure you are represented by a successful and well-respected realtor who has a great understanding of the local market. That professional should possess in-depth knowledge of home values, recent sales and current inventory as well as future potential in a property. As a buyer, you would want a Realtor who takes the time to understand your wants and needs and fight for you at the negotiating table.

I take a very hands on approach and invest a lot of time to meet with buyers personally to get an understanding of their situation including finances, lifestyle, short and long term goals. My process involves a one-on-one meeting usually lasting about one hour where I explain the home-buying process from start to finish. I invest the time early on to get a full grasp of your needs, wants and tastes to help find the property which best suits you.

Contact me directly 24/7 to meet and see if you would enjoy working together.


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